Who we are

  • EHI brings together industry experts, professionals, engineers and company owners, who are committed to promoting the use of eHeat technologies as an effective means of reducing carbon emissions;
  • We are an inclusive association attracting third party members from companies outside of the industrial sector, such as banks, law firms, government agencies and academic institutions, as we believe that these organisations will add to the diverse skillset of EHI.
  • EHI is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and follows established national and global governance guidelines.

What we do

  • We work with businesses across the country to promote the use of renewable electricity and demonstrate how eHeat technologies can assist in achieving carbon emission reduction targets.
  • We communicate and explain the benefits of eHeat technologies and campaign for changes within the Irish system that ensure a level playing field for eHeat versus fossil fuels.
  • We engage with key stakeholders such as DETE, DECC, CRU, ESB Networks, EirGrid, SEAI to understand how we can unlock the potential of eHeat technology to accelerate the decarbonisation of heat.
  • We lobby for the policy and regulatory changes needed to level the playing field for eHeat versus fossil fuel alternatives - key priorities include:
    • Accelerated increased MIC supplies for large electric heat users,
    • Provision of flexible & fixed MIC for large electric heat users;
    • Reduced standing charges for standard gas supplies;
  • We organise conferences dedicated to the promotion of eHeat, which provide an opportunity for learning, skills development and networking.
  • We commission research and provide evidence of international best practice to strengthen the case for change in the Irish system.
  • In order to accelerate the deployment of eHeat to influence Government policy and regulation on renewable energy.
  • We work with colleagues in trade associations across Europe to coordinate policy, research and knowledge-sharing.

eHeat Ireland (EHI) was founded in 2021 to accelerate the Electrification of Heat and to bring together Ireland's leading stakeholders in the sector with industry. Founding members will represent the different sectors of the Irish Heat Industry; End Users, Service Providers, Utility Companies and Technology Companies.

eHeat Ireland is a community of learning and knowledge share that advocates for the transformation of Irish business and industry through the adoption of renewable energies for the heating of their facilities. The Association and it's members encourage and enable the enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, and profitability for all stakeholders in delivering a electrification of heat solution.

Rapid progress in decarbonising the Ireland's power grid means that electricity is an increasingly low carbon source of energy. Using this to power heat generators is an alternative to fossil fuelled heat, and is seen by many as a vital part of heat decarbonisation.

The philosophy of electrified heating is simple - use cleaner, renewable electricity to heat Irish homes, businesses and public facilities. The electricity grid is decarbonising rapidly, therefore emissions associated with electric heating are falling and will continue to do so.


  • To Accelerate the Electrification of Heat in Ireland
  • To inform and represent Energy Users of the benefits of Electrification of Heat
  • To influence Government Policy by lobbying on behalf of our Members
  • To promote the use of Electricity for Heat as part of Ireland's solution to reducing carbon emissions by 2030
  • Commissioning and supporting research on the Electrification of Heat in Ireland